“if two past lovers remain friends, it’s either they are still in love.. or they never were…”

July 16, 2008 at 5:53 am (Senti mode)

“Do you believe in this quote? if two past lovers remain friends, it’s either they are still in love.. or they never were…”

Everything’s going right then. I thought everything was going on just right.I thought nothing will change between the two of us. At first we’re very good friends. Talking about almost everything, always there for each other. All our friends tease us, tell us we look good together..that we’re compatible.Months passed I think we felt something special for each other. It’s almost a relationship but not quite.. a stage others call ‘MU’ or mutual understanding. He treats me really good he never fails making me feel special. He even tells me he loves me, But me, I never said those words. i just let the gestures do the talking for me. I never had the courage to say “I Love You too…”. I really hoped that everything will be fine. We’re always together..but we never talked about us.. I’m always uncertain about my role in his life. I don’t know if he really loves me. Sometimes I feel jealous of other girls but I just keep it to myself. Do I have the right to feel that way? I don’t know… I always wonder where I am in the relationship or is there a relationship at all? I’ve invested all my emotions to him.

One time, he was drunk.. he asked me if I can be his girl.. even with hesitations I said yes.. I love him and I hope he really feels the same way. I was happy then, finally we’re officially ON. We’re finally lovers now. it was summer vacation so we can’t see each other often. We just text and call each other as often as we can. but when the school starts, it feels  like something’s different.. that something’s wrong… Days passed and he suddenly gets cold.. is that the end of it? I really don’t know.. We haven’t talked about us since then. Until one day I heard him talking about a girl he met during summer vacation.. She might be the reason why all of a sudden he gets cold.. but I don’t have the courage to asked him. months passed and they became steady… Time passed very quickly, we became friends again.. I’ve heard many stories about him and other girls.. I acted unaffected. i’m his friend and I don’t want that friendship to end. Up to now we’re still very good friends, always there for each other.. And I believe in the saying that if two past lovers remain friends,it’s either they are still in love.. or they never were… because we have proven that… We remain friends because I still love him and he never was..:(


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